Gilis Opslag was established as a family business in 1986. Throughout the years, the company expanded and became the largest provider of logistic services in the Turnhout region. With 35,000 m² of storage space across 6 warehouses, Gilis Opslag can guarantee that your goods will be stored in a dry, clean area. Our warehouses vary in height between 6 and 10 metres and provide storage room with or without rack systems.


Gilis Opslag is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship and has installed 4,600 solar panels that generate a capacity of more than 1MWp. These solar panels provide us with more than 900,000 kWh in energy each year. This investment has increased our electrical capacity, which has allowed us to expand the range of services we offer to our clients. It is also one of the ways in which we contribute to ecological sustainability.


Gilis Opslag was established and has continued to expand in the city of Turnhout. We have a deep bond with the city, which is reflected by our sponsorship of the Turnhout Cultuurstad 2012 event.